Tim Parsons

Principal Project Manager

As a member of Macadamian’s Project Management team, Tim leverages his twenty-five plus years of project management experience to meet and exceed customer expectations by applying proven project management practices. Tim has shared his passion for customer service and project management best practices with the wider project management community through mentoring, delivery of ‘lunch and learn’ sessions and blogging. Tim is a qualified Project Management Professional (PMP), and a Certified Scrum Master (CSM). When Tim isn’t in the office he enjoys the outdoors and curling during the winter months.

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When to Use Waterfall vs. Agile

We compare the benefits and drawbacks of using two well-known software development methodologies, Waterfall and Agile, and lay out when it might be more suitable to use one over the other – or combine practices of both – for your product initiative.

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Project Management in the Healthcare Industry: A Risk Based Approach

One innovative approach to governance and project management is to tailor the type and level of management to the risk assessed for each project, avoiding the costs of treating all projects as though they carried a high level of risk.

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