Stephane Lussier

Principal Architect

Stephane has been around since the dawn of time. OK. He isn’t really that old, but Stephane is one of the original founding members of Macadamian. From software development, project management, and technical sales to leading our software development and quality practices across Macadamian, Stephane has played an active role in growing Macadamian from a five-person shop to the company it is today.

Today Stephane is leading Macadamian’s Innovation Lab to develop new technologies that could be leveraged by the service side of the business to serve Macadamian’s customer better. Stephane is currently focusing on areas of connected health, artificial intelligence, and voice-controlled systems. Prior to joining Macadamian, Stephane was a software engineer developing software and firmware for Eicon Networks and holds a Baccalaureate in Computer Science from Université de Sherbrooke. When he’s not in the office, Stephane can be found spending time with his family or working up a sweat on the squash court.