Scott Plewes

VP, User Experience & Analytics

Over the past twenty-five years, Scott has worked in the areas of business strategy, product design and development in the high tech sector. He brings with him cross-sector expertise and experience working with clients in industries such as aviation, telecom, and finance. His primary area of focus over the last several years has been in healthcare.

Scott has a master’s degree in Physics from Queen’s University. Prior to joining Macadamian in 2006, Scott co-founded Maskery and Associates, a UX design consultancy. Scott believes that successful products in critical and complex fields like healthcare can only be created from multi-discipline teams that include clinical, business, technical, design, and data expertise; as well as input from and patients and users.

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Demonstrating Improved Outcomes With Data-Driven Health Analytics

AI, predictive analytics, sensors, and devices - all of these individually and together are very powerful tools in healthcare. BUT how can this ecosystem of assets be used so they truly become "smart" health tools that show improved clinical and patient outcomes - while ensuring health data privacy and security?

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Creating Ecosystem Maps to Prioritize Product Investment

When developing a new product it can be difficult to prioritize which features should be included in the initial release. Ecosystem mapping is a useful tool that can be used to visualize your product and the systems, processes, and data flows that surround it. Learn how to leverage this tool to ask deeper questions about what needs to be prioritized before investing in development.

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How UX Research Informs and Improves Data Science

User Experience is a tool that can be used to help frame the context in which data science and analytics are used to deliver key insights.

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