Martin Ducharme

Business Development Manager

Martin has dedicated his career to healthcare and technology with the objective of helping companies improve quality of care and patient safety through innovation. He believes in enabling care at home, empowering patients and creating a two-way collaboration between patients and care practitioners through apps, wearables, and web technology. Son of a Hospital CEO and the CEO of a eHealth multinational company, Martin grew up in healthcare. He now uses his knowledge and experience to bridge the gaps between the worlds of healthcare and technology to enable innovative ideas to come to life.

Martin joined Macadamian in 2016 as Business Development Manager. Prior to that, he was leading the Accreditation Canada International business unit that helped strengthen hospitals and healthcare systems in 30 countries. In recent years, he has been a guest speaker at healthcare conferences in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. He has also published non-scientific articles in the field and a thesis on the US Healthcare system.

Martin has earned a Bachelor degree from HEC Montreal in IT Management and International Business and an MBA in International Business from Simon Fraser University. He dedicates most of his personal time to fundraising and supporting the Canadian Cancer Society and the Cedars Cancer Foundation, and coaching dragon boat.