Mark Thompson

Healthcare Software Architect

After co-founding two technology startups, Mark brings experience in all aspects of the software development process – from problem definition and initial architecture to integration, through to final deployment and everything in between. Mark’s technical expertise mixed with his passion for innovative healthcare systems makes him an invaluable team member with a deep understanding of the latest healthcare technologies and security/privacy requirements. When he isn’t tackling multi-tier system architecture and end-to-end system integrations, he might be found working on his carpentry projects, playing competitive ultimate Frisbee, or hiking with his family.

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Staying Secure Against Cyber Security Risks In Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic is ushering in an era of digital transformation in healthcare. This means businesses have to grapple with more cyber-security threats. But a recent study noted that 88 percent of executives in the healthcare space aren’t prepared for these attacks. Macadamian’s cyber-security expert and healthcare software architect, Mark Thompson, offers his thoughts on how you can stay secure against the lurking threats.

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Accelerate Time To Market Using Rapid Prototyping

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage rapid prototyping to accelerate your products time to market in one week, agile sprints.

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