Lorraine Chapman

Senior Director of Healthcare Services

Lorraine leads Healthcare Services at Macadamian and has been practicing in the field of User Experience for 20+ years. As part of her role, she provides strategic UX and business direction to digital and connected health companies and providers across the United States and Canada. The result of Lorraine’s commitment to solving customer problems is a unique ability to harmonize technology with the needs of people who use it. Lorraine’s goal is to make interactions with healthcare (services and technology) easier, satisfying and meaningful for all stakeholders involved – including patients.

Highly engaged in the healthcare industry, Lorraine has authored and contributed to countless articles, white papers, and events on the topics of user experience in healthcare, and in 2014 was appointed to a two-year term as chair of the HIMSS HIT User Experience Committee. As if she weren’t busy enough, this supermom regularly gets up at 5:30 am, does workouts that most of us would associate with Navy Seals, and runs half-marathons when she doesn’t find this tiring enough.

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