Jennifer Fraser

Director of User Experience

Jennifer brings almost 20 years of involvement in user experience design to Macadamian. She collaborates with clients through every phase of a project – from the initial product and design strategy, through to the detailed design and implementation – to ensure that the final product will both meet business goals and resonate with users. Her holistic understanding of integrated product strategy, design, and development is key to Macadamian’s ability to deliver the best solution on time and on budget.

She is a highly sought-after speaker on subjects related to design. She sits on the Design Program Advisory Board of Algonquin College and has advised various local start-ups on how to embrace user-centered design. Her volunteer leadership roles in the community reflect Macadamian’s commitment to fostering excellence in the industry and the wider community. Jennifer earned her bachelor and master degrees in architecture from Carleton University and joined the Macadamian team in 2010. Her background in architecture may, or may not, relate to her passion for designing and building cocktails.

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