Geoffrey Parker

Director, Healthcare Technology

Geoff has over 20 years experience in the software development industry and has worked in a variety of fields including medical devices, health information systems, enterprise integration, scientific modeling, speech recognition, cloud, and cluster computing. He thrives on working with clients to understand their business, identify requirements, and deliver robust, secure, creative solutions that address the regulatory requirements of today’s healthcare market. A passionate believer that interoperability needs to be a key component of modern health software, Geoff loves working on solutions that simplify the way we interact with our world. He has a Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours from the University of Queensland, Australia and when he’s not coding, you can find Geoff getting some fresh air and thinking time on the backpacking trails.

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5 Medical Device Integration Myths that Lead Product Teams Awry

We debunk several medical device integration myths that can delay interoperability projects, all derived from our experience working with MedTech vendors.

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Medical Device Interoperability Strategy Development

Learn how medical device vendors can craft an approach to interoperability that will yield enhanced device marketability, gain business intelligence, and improve operational efficiencies.

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5 Best Practices for Designing in Medical Device Cyber Security Controls

There is no silver bullet for achieving security and it definitely cannot be considered an afterthought once a design has been completed, or considered at the development phase but forgotten about after deployment. Security needs to be a constant focus from product conception, design, development, deployment, maintenance, and support.

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