Christina McQuillan

Business Development Manager

With a passion for all things tech and an extensive background in technology sales, Christina works ‘round the clock to connect clients with solutions that address their business challenges and to manage client relationships. She prides herself on connecting with clients to understand their workflows, needs, concerns and desired outcomes.

Christina has pivoted her success in sales to focus on digital health including digital therapeutics and has a particular interest in supporting improved health outcomes among those managing chronic diseases, as well as the aging population.

Christina is a creative and dedicated individual with more than a decade of experience driving sales. She has worked with a variety of companies, from venture-backed startups in high growth mode to F100 companies, and advised on their talent strategy while helping build high-performance sales teams. Industry expertise includes IT services, enterprise software, management consulting, medical devices, pharmaceuticals.

Christina is a lifelong learner – on a mission to facilitate turning ideas into reality and driving positive change. She considers herself fortunate to be working in an environment of innovation, collaboration, and education.

After a day at the office winning clients over with her infectious personality and attention to detail, Christina is busy being supermom and embraces the beautiful chaos of parenting, marriage, housework, spreadsheets, travel and a million other things.