Roxana Barbu

Cognitive Data Specialist

Having traversed academia, healthcare and industry, and trained as cognitive scientist, Roxana tackles research questions from various lenses striving to provide comprehensive, unique, and data-driven insights. She is a sought-after public speaker and facilitator counting over 30 conference presentations and speaking invitations, and 4 undergraduate courses on topics centered around human cognition and research approaches.

When she’s not in front of the computer, Roxana enjoys the solitude of her balcony and garden, trying recreate a bit of the magic from the “old world” where she spent summers walking across vineyards with a whistle to send away starlings, and falls picking hectares of grapes to make magic.

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Design Layers: Beyond Decoration & Usability

In the realm of user design in healthcare, understanding aesthetic appeal is key if you want your product to succeed. Macadamian's in-house cognitive scientist delves into this fascinating topic, one that often gets overlooked.

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Want Your Health App To Succeed? Consider These 8 Behavior-Change Design Tips

If you want your health app to flourish, keep these tips in mind. These techniques have an important goal. They’ll get people to use your app for a long period of time. And that's important when users are trying to achieve results in their health journeys.

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Integrating Ethics in Digital Health Product Development

Integrating ethics into the digital health product development process ensures the well-being and protection of everyone involved, including research participants, users, and your product team, and can also impact the overall market success of your solution. Here are tips your team can implement today to develop more holistic, user-centric digital health products.

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