HIPAA Compliant Software Workshop

Before moving its workforce management system into the heavily regulated healthcare field, QMerit turned to Macadamian for guidance and best practices.

When taking an established product into a different, unknown market, unforced errors can jeopardize the product’s—or even the company’s—success. QMerit was going to avoid that problem.


QMerit offers a software platform that helps organizations match workforce skills with requirements, allocate human resources and gain a better understanding of workforce performance. Based on the recommendation of their platform provider, Microsoft, QMerit chose to partner with Macadamian to plot a course towards a HIPAA-compliant healthcare version of their product.


Macadamian’s healthcare software development experts hosted a two-day workshop to discuss topics ranging from sales and marketing to workflow design. No stone was left unturned. The company shared its experience and understanding of HIPAA’s patient data security and privacy requirements, and the implications for software development, from framework selection to architectural design and development decisions. The workshop highlighted the critical role of healthcare professionals, whose acceptance of, or resistance to, a product can mean the difference between success or failure.


With insight came inspiration. Macadamian’s workshop gave QMerit the knowledge and confidence to efficiently develop a HIPAA-compliant healthcare platform. QMerit was able to craft impactful sales and marketing strategies, and also incorporate architectural, user experience and workflow decisions into production that would most effectively resonate with healthcare stakeholders across the industry.

"HIPAA is a complex piece of legislation that can easily trip up unwary vendors. Macadamian put us at ease that we were in good hands. They really knew their stuff."

- Manoj Puthenveetil, VP of Software Engineering at QMerit

Macadamian has been acquired by Emids 🎉
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