Office Practicum

Macadamian helps Office Practicum explore a low-cost, mobile solution that reduces disruptions in nurses’ workflow and increases their productivity.

Nurses walk up to five miles in an average shift. However, significant time is lost moving between diagnostic equipment located throughout clinics and central nursing workstations where test results are entered manually.


Office Practicum, a pediatric electronic medical records software vendor, wanted to assess the value of a mobile user interface to reduce strain on nurses, free-up more time with patients, and cut costs in the healthcare system. The solution would have to be simple, resilient and inexpensive. The company asked healthcare technology experts at Macadamian to explore what such a solution might look like.


Macadamian led its client through a two-day ideation workshop, a proprietary approach to product innovation that promotes deep exploration of design options. The process pointed the way to an Internet of Things-based solution using radio-frequency identification (RFID) and cloud-integrated near field communications (NFC) technologies. Macadamian built a low-cost prototype that fastened NFC sensors and microcomputers to fixed medical devices, which would connect wirelessly to tablets fitted with RFID tags.


Macadamian’s solution significantly reduced disruptions in clinician workflow. When conducting tests on patients, nurses could simply place their tablets next to medical devices. Test data would be added to patients’ health records seamlessly, eliminating not only needless travel to nursing stations but also the extra step of physical data transfer.

The solution offered further value by extending the life of legacy medical equipment and potentially adding tracking capability that could support inventory control.


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