Entrepreneur Dennis Fontaine envisioned a virtual caregiver that would solve one of the key problems posed by an aging population: helping the elderly and people with chronic illnesses live more independent lives.


Fontaine wanted Amazon’s Echo and Alexa Voice Service as central pillars in his virtual caregiver’s functionality. He partnered with Macadamian, which had proven experience writing custom skills for Alexa, and a proprietary Internet of Things JumpStart Kit that could bring the virtual caregiver to life quickly and cost-effectively.


Macadamian’s IoT JumpStart Kit’s gave Fontaine the benefit of pre-built foundational IP. This accelerated development by freeing the design teams to focus energy and expertise on the virtual caregiver’s specific innovations. The company’s collaborative co-solving approach built Fontaine’s trust by keeping him fully engaged throughout the development process.

Project Details

Alexa Voice Services

The LifePod device has Alexa Voice Services and the Alexa Skills Kit built in and extended to automate routines.

Macadamian IoT JumpStart Kit

Leveraged our IP to jumpstart the project and demonstrate core product functionality in two months.

Works Without A Wake Word

Alexa extended to allow the device to prompt the user and start a conversation without a wake word.

Facilitated Acquisition

Macadamian Facilitated Fontaine's introduction to the company that purchased the LifePod IP


Macadamian brought Fontaine’s idea—dubbed LifePod—to life in just 45 days and at one-quarter to one-third the cost of the traditional development approach. Fontaine demonstrated LifePod to potential buyers just two months from the product discovery session.

In LifePod, Macadamian pushed the Alexa Voice Service beyond the limits of Amazon’s off-the-shelf code, enabling the device to start conversations without wake words. This offers exciting new potential. LifePod can deliver voice reminders of tasks based on elders’ personal needs and provide a sense of companionship by performing randomly timed, customized actions such as reading books or asking trivia questions. LifePod also offers a critical connection with its ability to send caregivers alerts and daily reports about elders’ well-being.

Macadamian used its marketing machine to help spread the word about LifePod across the industry, generating interest and excitement. In fact, Macadamian facilitated Fontaine’s introduction to the company that purchased the product IP and ultimately became LifePod Solutions.

“Macadamian’s approach kept me engaged throughout the process. My input was heard, respected and even improved upon. That built my trust.”

Dennis Fontaine

Macadamian has been acquired by Emids 🎉
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