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Flood damage is a surging worry for many home and business owners. And concern isn’t the only thing that’s rising. Increasing numbers of wastewater system manufacturers want to add modern alert functions to their products. Success so far has been limited. Customers are turned off by the complex set-ups and expensive subscription fees.


Liberty Pumps is a leading manufacturer of pumping products for ground and wastewater removal. The company wanted a modern, production-ready mobile alarm system that used Internet of Things technology. No complexity. No subscription fees. As mechanical engineers, Liberty Pumps had little knowledge of connected devices and solutions. That’s where Macadamian came in. Its expertise in user experience, mobility and cloud connectivity made it a perfect partner for the job.


Macadamian worked closely with hardware design firm Electric Imp, eliminating the need for Liberty Pumps to waste effort in coordinating vendors. Electric Imp designed the platform to which advanced cloud computing resources could be connected. Then, using cloud expertise, as well as insight into the legal, regulatory and privacy-related hurdles of employing IoT solutions, Macadamian built a user-centered client application, and the back-office logic to support the hardware.


Together with Electric Imp, Macadamian developed an elegant solution that communicates with users via the cloud and a modern mobile app. The platform was also designed so that it could be easily updated and expanded in the future. The resulting app, NightEyeTM, can be used by customers anywhere and anytime. In a way, it’s fitting that a tangible fix to a water problem came from a cloud-based solution.

Project Details

Product Strategy Workshop

The project kicked off with a strategy workshop to align on a business model and sales strategies associated with introducing connected products.

IoT Platform

Rather than a one-off solution, an IoT Platform was created for Liberty Pumps to enable connectivity across multiple future products.

Mobile Application

Android and iOS mobile applications for remote monitoring of high water levels, pump failure, ambient temperate and more.

Partner Management

Macadamian coordinated the efforts of all external vendors to deliver a complete IoT product development experience.

Get The Full Story

Learn more about the partnership between Liberty Pumps and Macadamian by downloading the full case study below.


“Coordinating unrelated vendors always adds risk to a project. The end-to-end turnkey solution they offered was unique and gave us a lot of confidence that the project would succeed.”

- David Williams, Engineering Manager, Liberty Pumps

Macadamian has been acquired by Emids 🎉
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