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A world-leading medical device company turned to Macadamian for help designing a cloud-based solution to preserve and protect previously unrecorded patient data.

Those who’ve been in an operating room (or seen one on TV) will recognize the pole-mounted medical monitoring devices displaying patient vitals in real time. What if there was a way to preserve that data to be used at a later date?


A leading medical device manufacturer wanted to develop a way to preserve and contextualize the data, and then make it available for reporting and research. Enter Macadamian, which was uniquely qualified for its technical and business expertise, and deep healthcare regulatory insight.


Macadamian enabled tablets to be connected to medical devices’ Ethernet ports. The tablets could capture heart rate oxygen levels, blood pressure and other vitals exhibited during procedures. Clinicians could then annotate the data via touchscreen and upload it to a private cloud for storage.

The data had to be impregnable. Macadamian programmed end-to-end encryption, along with carefully controlled access to passwords, and a robust firewall.

Flexibility mattered when it came to client reporting requirements. Macadamian built in Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded report development tool to enable hospital business analysts to work with clinicians and customize reports as needed.

A different regulatory-related challenge then arose: business analysts aren’t permitted to view patient data. How could they create reports? Again, Macadamian found a solution. They created a secondary, synchronized database that achieves HIPAA compliance by providing the access analysts need while masking all protected personal information.


Macadamian took the project from concept to working prototype in six weeks, on budget and with only two full-time resources. Following trials, the client expects to release a commercial version of the product toward the end of 2017.

Project Details

Regulatory Compliance

Synchronized database to mask PHI and allow business analysts to create reports.

Data Engineering & Data Visualization

Microsoft Power BI Embedded leveraged to allow business analysts to create a flexible reporting solution.

Secure Cloud Integration

Fully encrypted data transfer between the tablet, cloud, and client devices.

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“We were looking for help to take our concept to market-ready product and tried Macadamian out in parallel with other firms. Their technical and business expertise were matched by their customer focus, and the combination set them apart from the others.”

- Client

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