Bio-Optronics’ clinical trials software was functionally superior to the competition but losing market share on usability. Macadamian came in to even the score.

After years as a market leader, clinical trial software manufacturer Bio-Optronics saw its product, Clinical Conductor, eclipsed by competitors that were more user-friendly but far less effective. It was time for a user interface redesign.


The company needed an expert partner to guide it through the critical first re-design phase. Macadamian stood out. A full-service digital design and development firm, Macadamian understood the regulatory process, the daily realities health care workers face, and the UX characteristics necessary for a
user-friendly app.


To begin, Macadamian embedded an experienced UX designer into the Bio-Optronics design team to build trust and collaboration. Macadamian then led the Bio-Optronics team through a two-day, user-experience strategy workshop. The session provided deep insight into Clinical Conductor and its market.

It also set the context necessary to make critical technology and design decisions later in the process.  Macadamian’s team moved to the field to learn how customers used Clinical Conductor. The team also spent more time with the product, testing assumptions and identifying likely irritants to users. Based on its research, Macadamian recommended workflow, wireframe, and visual asset changes. It also guided the client through realistic first-phase rollout choices, with suggestions to focus on visual design and persistent navigation. This approach would build a strong foundation for any subsequent phases of the project.


Once Macadamian delivered the first phase of the redesign, Bio-Optronics worked with the core concepts to continue enhancing the software. When the updated version of Clinical Conductor was released in April 2016, its improved usability garnered glowing feedback from existing and potential customers. What’s more, thanks to Macadamian’s foundational work, any future upgrades could be done in-house, with equally strong outcomes.

Project Details

Strategy Workshop

2 day onsite workshop to gather design requirements and understand business goals

User Research

Virtual and in-person research with end users conducted to test product usage assumptions

Interaction & Visual Design

Workflows, wireframes, and visual assets created to aid the multi-release product redesign

Team Training

Macadamian designer embedded in the bio-optronics team to facilitate bringing future work in-house.

Get The Full Story

Learn more about the partnership between Bio-Optronics and Macadamian by downloading the full case study below.


“We couldn’t do everything we wanted in the first release, and we hesitated over Lorraine’s advice to focus on visual design and persistent navigation, but seeing the results it’s obvious she was right, and I’m glad she prevailed.”

- Dan Kerpelman, President and CEO, Bio-Optronics

Macadamian has been acquired by Emids 🎉
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