Aminy (PsychVisit)

Patient Engagement Mobile App

Macadamian steps in to help a determined psychiatrist develop an innovative mobile app to de-stigmatize mental healthcare and advance participatory medicine.

Dr. Marc Miresco, a psychiatrist and Director of Research and Development at PsychVisit Inc., wanted to close a troubling gap in mental health care. He believed the system was failing to help young patients get comfortable with treatment.


Dr. Miresco wondered if a mobile app could help de-stigmatize mental health treatment, improve contact between young patients and clinicians, and track patients’ symptoms on a daily basis.

Existing apps tended to focus on specific conditions and allow patients to rate their moods according to only the simplest of measures. Dr. Miresco wanted to address a broader range of conditions and provide greater validity and reliability in the reporting of symptoms.

Working on a shoestring budget, he set out to develop the app on his own. To conduct his user-experience research, Dr. Miresco tapped a network of patient advocates, many with lived mental-illness experience.


He then worked with freelance app developers—a process he found frustrating and futile. He needed greater development expertise, especially to deliver regulatory compliance in the Canadian and U.S. markets. Luckily, Dr. Miresco joined forces with Macadamian. He was convinced by Macadamian’s broad healthcare experience and the promise of its HealthConnect development platform.

HealthConnect helps clients save money by providing pre-built software application infrastructure. The platform enabled Macadamian’s development team to focus immediately on the specifics of Dr. Miresco’s innovation.


Currently, in beta testing, Dr. Miresco’s Aminy app establishes a new level of communication between physicians, patients, and their family members. Patients can input vital data about their progress, including symptoms and activity levels—all conforming to strict medical information standards.

It’s working in Dr. Miresco’s practice. “Aminy has an engagement level of more than 80 percent among patients who continue to use it regularly,” he said. “I’m very pleased with the results.”

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“No one else offered the flexibility given my limited budget to do things the way I wanted. HealthConnect saved me a great deal of money, and I particularly appreciated the ability to work directly with developers. I don’t know of any company who could have served me better.”

Dr. Marc Miresco

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