Leveraging Voice Technology in Healthcare

Macadamian Technologies | February 7, 2020

Get key considerations for business, regulatory, design, and technology decisions when looking to implement voice technology like voice assistants in digital health applications. Download the ebook.

Investing in the development of solutions for a new medium like voice can be daunting when securing user adoption is not straightforward and you operate in a highly regulated and complex market like healthcare.

This eBook distills knowledge from industry early adopters and those in the field leveraging voice-based solutions to improve care on the business, regulatory, design, and technology considerations you need to be aware of when creating user-centric voice solutions in healthcare.

Key Takeaways:

  • An overview of voice technology in healthcare
  • Current applications of voice user interfaces
  • Key considerations for making business, regulatory, design, and technology decisions

Download: Leveraging Voice Technology in Healthcare

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