Meet Our Team at MEDICA 2019

Macadamian Technologies | October 22, 2019

We’ll be at MEDICA 2019 to talk about how we’re helping MedTech and Pharmaceutical companies bring to market innovative, compliant digital health solutions and discuss the key areas of opportunity that exist today where software can facilitate improved healthcare delivery.

Our Booth: Connected Healthcare Forum, Hall 13 D45

Macadamian is a full-service software design and development consultancy that helps the world’s leading MedTech, pharmaceutical and clinical research companies craft digital and connected health solutions to transform the future of care. We’ll be at MEDICA 2019 to talk about how we’re helping our clients bring to market innovative, compliant digital health solutions and discuss the key areas of opportunity that exist today where software can facilitate improved healthcare delivery.

By leveraging our proprietary cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Macadamian HealthConnect™, in tandem with our user-centered design and development expertise, we enable teams to accelerate the development of secure and scalable digital therapeutics, digital health software applications and software-as-a-medical-device in a cost-containing fashion.

Our clients are challenged with:

  • Limited budget to launch a digital research platform
  • Demonstrating solution value and opportunity to secure significant research funding
  • Gathering patient-reported data and educating patients in an engaging fashion
  • Collaborating securely with international colleagues/partners to support a research ecosystem
  • Developing a robust, secure Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate functionality and secure investors
  • Managing monthly costs as they scale (hosting, support, etc.)
  • Limited budget available to focus on core product differentiators
  • A lack of expertise in addressing compliance, interoperability and patient engagement

If these challenges ring a bell, we’d love to chat about how you’re solving them.

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Our Schedule

CEO Hours

We know it can be hard to secure a time slot in a busy CEO’s tight schedule. That’s why our CEO, Fred Boulanger, has offered to free up some time to make himself available at our booth for those who’d like to come by and chat with him.

Our Booth: Connected Healthcare Forum, Hall 13 D45

Monday Nov 18th 12:30-2
Tuesday Nov 19th 11-12:30
Wednesday Nov 20th 12:30-2

Presentation: Navigating the Design & Development of AI-Driven Digital Health Applications

Wednesday, November 20th 11:45 – 12:00h | AI, Big Data & IoT
MEDICA Connected Healthcare Forum (MCHF) | Hall 13 D45

Join our CEO, Fred Boulanger, as he discusses our work with Danish consortium partners Radiobotics and Bispebjerg Hospital developing a machine learning-powered medical imaging diagnostic tool to help radiologists process routine X-ray images of bones and joints with increased speed and accuracy. Referencing this project, we’ll discuss:

  1. How to design, architect & integrate ML-driven applications with complex clinical workflows
  2. How to collect, analyze, & deliver insightful health data to demonstrate clinical efficacy of digital health technologies
  3. Perceptions of AI in healthcare & market differences in Europe vs North America

Panel Discussion: Raise your voice! How Voice Tech Puts Patients in the Center

Monday, November 18th 11:00 – 12:00 h | Patient-Centric Care & Digital Therapeutics
MEDICA Health IT Forum (MHIF) | Hall 13 E82

Voice technology has been receiving increased attention in the medical industry as a novel means to facilitate enhanced healthcare delivery. However, how can companies prevent creating technology for technology’s sake and identify how to implement voice successfully so that it adds value as opposed to adding a burden?

Join our Director of Emerging Technologies, Timon LeDain, along with his co-panelists to discuss:

  1. How voice technology has the capacity to improve the delivery of healthcare and patient experience in both a clinical setting and at home
  2. Real-world cases and lessons learned where voice technology has been implemented successfully, and where it has failed
  3. A glimpse into where voice technology in healthcare is headed and use cases we can expect to see

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