Meet Us at HIMSS 2020

Macadamian Technologies | January 31, 2020

See what we're up to at HIMSS20 and book an on-site meeting with a member of the Macadamian team to discuss your current digital health project and how we could help your team meet your product development objectives.

Intelligent Health Pavilion | Booth 7273-10

Macadamian is a full-service software design and development consultancy that helps the world’s leading MedTech, pharmaceutical and clinical research companies craft digital and connected health solutions to transform the future of care. We’ll be at HIMSS20 in March to discuss how we’re helping our clients bring to market innovative, compliant health solutions and discuss the key areas of opportunity that exist today where software can facilitate improved healthcare delivery.

By leveraging our proprietary cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Macadamian HealthConnect™, in tandem with our user-centered design and development expertise, we enable teams to accelerate the development of secure and scalable digital therapeutics, digital health applications and software-as-a-medical-device products while containing costs.

Our clients are challenged with:

  • Limited budget to launch a digital research platform
  • Demonstrating solution value and opportunity to secure significant research funding
  • Gathering patient-reported data and engaging patients in an engaging fashion
  • Secure collaboration with international colleagues/partners to support a research ecosystem
  • Developing a robust, secure POC to demonstrate functionality and secure investors
  • Managing monthly costs as they scale (hosting, support, etc.)
  • Limited budget available to focus on core product differentiators
  • A lack of expertise in addressing compliance, interoperability and patient engagement

If these challenges ring a bell, we’d love to chat about how you’re solving them.

Book a meeting with us at HIMSS 2020 here.


Transforming Medical Imaging with Artificial Intelligence

March 10th, 1:30PM | Leadership Theater 

Commercializing AI-enabled digital health tools is a complex process. Referencing a recent solution we developed with Danish consortium partners Radiobotics and the Bispebjerg Hospital, we discuss the considerations and lessons learned in designing, developing and undergoing clinical validation of an AI-enabled clinical decision support system.

Why Great Voice AI Means Putting AI Last

March 11th, 11:30AM | Innovation Theater

Voice-enabled digital health solutions have already proven to benefit healthcare and evolving AI capabilities will only make them better. Still, solutions can have “great” AI and bad results. We’ll share overlooked considerations and common mistakes you need to take into account before you develop your voice AI solution.


Digital Health Solutions Build on Macadamian HealthConnect™

Stop by the Intelligent Health Pavilion for several demonstrations of solutions we’ve developed using our PaaS, Macadamian HealthConnect™. They’ll be showcased in a guided tour that will take place throughout the day.

1. Chronic Disease Patient Management Platform

MiCare allows patients with managing chronic disease to track their symptoms over time with the aim to help them identify behaviors that improve or mitigate their symptoms. Clinicians on the platform can get an overview of their patients’ progress to help them identify what to focus on next in their treatment plan.

2. Alexa-Enabled Virtual Coaching for Diabetes Management

Macadamian’s My Diabetes Coach is a voice-first diabetes management solution that leverages a breadth of patient data to deliver automated coaching that helps a patient with diabetes better manage their condition. It also connects them with their care team and can support escalation to a diabetes educator via secure messaging.

3. Cloud-Based Medical Imaging Collaboration Tool

The Clini-Share portal provides a streamlined approach to diagnose patients with rare diseases. Clini-Share assembles de-identified patient MRIs, genetic information and pathology images to improve diagnosis and provide objective imaging biomarkers of disease progression and response to treatment.

4. Voice Control in the Operating Room: Improving Efficiency

During surgery, surgeons sometimes have requirements for additional equipment, or other items to be brought into the OR, and rely on the circulating nurse to gather these items. Being able to communicate with the circulating nurse after they have left the OR would be beneficial. The OR Alexa voice skill enables a user to speak a free form request that would be converted from speech to text and then sent to a mobile device carried by the circulating nurse.

Meet us at HIMSS 2020

To meet with a member of the Macadamian team to discuss your product and how we might help you meet your product development objectives fill in the form below and we'll be in touch to schedule a time to talk.

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