Medical Device Interoperability Strategy Development

Geoffrey Parker | April 22, 2020

Learn how medical device vendors can craft an approach to interoperability that will yield enhanced device marketability, gain business intelligence, and improve operational efficiencies.

Medical device vendors are facing pressure to connect their products and the data they generate into the broader health care ecosystem as health systems embrace connected technologies and value-based care initiatives.

However, this is new ground for many vendors bringing new responsibilities including managing exchange formats and connections at hospitals.

In order for med device companies to take advantage of this market opportunity, they need to plot an effective interoperability strategy.

Download the eBook to learn how vendors that do develop an approach at interoperability will enhance device marketability, gain business intelligence, and improve operational efficiencies.

In this eBook we’ll review:

  • What Interoperability is and its benefits to vendors, hospitals/clinics, and patients
  • 12 elements of an interoperability strategy
  • What the execution of an interoperability strategy looks like in practice.

Download: Medical Device Interoperability Strategy Development

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