Developing Clinical AI Solutions – The Road to Value Creation

Macadamian Technologies | July 7, 2020

Explore how to approach developing clinical AI solutions as we provide insight derived from our experience working with Radiobotics to develop a CE-marked AI-driven clinical decision support tool for radiologists.

Many clinicians, particularly radiologists, experience intense and demanding daily workloads in order to see and treat as many patients as possible. As clinicians spend hours on end analyzing data (be it patient charts, medical imaging, historical records, etc.), fatigue occurs and the margin for human error increases.

AI presents an emerging opportunity to enhance clinical workflows so that patients receive faster treatment with a lower risk of misdiagnosis, and so that clinicians have more time to focus on urgent, complex cases.

However, no hospital wants to buy an AI algorithm on its own. They want a holistic AI-enabled solution that integrates with their systems and workflows without disruption, and that can provide support in ways that are valuable to clinical staff.

In this webinar, Macadamian’s Director of Products & Emerging Technologies, Timon LeDain, and Radiobotics’ CEO & Co-Founder, Mads Jarner Brevadt, discuss the state of AI in healthcare with an emphasis on how the technology can drive change in radiology – when done right.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How to overcome challenges associated with validating your algorithm (e.g. data access, regulatory restrictions, clinical validation)
  • The 3 components that drive the success of a clinical AI solution
  • How AI is positioned to address the current challenges in healthcare today, namely improving operating efficiencies, reducing clinician burnout, and improving patient care

Access the Webinar

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