AI in Healthcare – 5 Things Every Product Owner Should Know

Scott Plewes | March 5, 2020

Join Microsoft Chief Data Scientist, Helia Mohammadi and Macadamian’s VP of UX and Analytics Scott Plewes for a discussion on the top 5 things that product owners need to know when looking to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their product.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare has become a hot topic with many organizations investigating how they can integrate AI into their product development plans. With the benefits of AI in healthcare and some of the early use cases covered extensively, we take the opportunity in this webinar to dive into how to get started and key considerations to be aware of before you do.


  • Does your solution need AI to begin with? Discover what sorts of decisions will factor into the decision to use AI or not.
  • How to build trust in your AI and ensure those who will make decisions based on the AI will trust the recommendations.
  • The ethics of AI in the medical field and ensuring you remove intentional or unintentional bias from your AI.
  • The Democratization of AI and how it can be made accessible to more people.
  • How you can get started with AI in Healthcare.

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