Accelerate Time To Market Using Rapid Prototyping

Geoffrey Parker | Mark Thompson | Steve Szoczei | October 14, 2015

In this webinar, you will learn how to leverage rapid prototyping to accelerate your products time to market in one week, agile sprints.

Case Study: From Idea to Production in 6 Months

Getting software built quickly is the objective of every development team. The challenge comes when a crazy amount of work needs to fit into a very short timeline.

Join Macadamian’s Geoff Parker, Director Healthcare Software Development, Mark Thompson, Software Architect, and Steve Szoczei, Principal Designer, as they share lessons learned and discuss how rapid prototyping in one-week sprints, using an agile development process, can get your product to market faster.

You will learn tips and tricks for:

  • Securing internal stakeholder alignment
  • Addressing resourcing and planning forecasting
  • Reconciling requirements within the context of Agile which encourages flexibility in scope and prioritization

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