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Macadamian HealthConnect™ is a digital platform-as-a-service that streamlines the development of Cloud-connected healthcare applications by standardizing the core building blocks to ensure that data privacy, compliance, and interoperability requirements are met from the get-go. Paired with our design-led engineering expertise, building on HealthConnect streamlines your product journey from idea to market.

Why Build on Macadamian HealthConnect™

Focus on Innovation

Secure and flexible microservices architecture focuses development efforts on differentiated application features and end-user functionality.

Optimize Cost & Time to Market

Building on HealthConnect reduces your investment in Cloud architecture and infrastructure layer development so your dollars are spent on features and functionality that make your solution unique.

Built for Compliance

Secure regulatory approvals with an architecture focused on patient privacy, data security, and interoperability.

Scale As You Grow

HealthConnect™ is designed to scale with you from MVP to full feature functionality so your initial investment is never lost.

Discover How HealthConnect Accelerates the Development of Custom Healthcare Solutions

Built on Macadamian HealthConnect™


X-AID is a clinical decision support solution focused on addressing the global challenge associated with the growing shortage of highly specialized radiologists. The solution also addressed the increasing demand to deliver faster and more accurate diagnoses of routine X-ray images of bones and joints. X-AID is unique in that it uses fully automated machine learning (ML) algorithms and deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to deliver highly accurate diagnoses.


The eCARE-PD team at The Ottawa Hospital is working with Macadamian to build an integrated clinical and self-management platform prototype to support physicians and patients in managing Stroke recovery and Parkinson’s Disease. The web-based prototype application includes online tracking, through the use of patient surveys, patient education, and self-care.


With clinicians and scientists working together from over 20 countries, MYO-SHARE helps to define patterns of involvement for specific neuromuscular diseases, share new diagnostic imaging protocols and establish guidelines for an online registry to create an imaging atlas for neuromuscular disease.

MYO-MRI “MYO-SHARE” provides a streamlined approach to diagnose patients with rare neuromuscular disease. The MYO-SHARE initiative assembles de-identified Muscle MRIs, genetic information and pathology images to improve diagnosis and provide objective imaging biomarkers of disease progression and response to treatment.

Using Macadamian HealthConnect™, The Ottawa Hospital was able to have Macadamian develop a PoC in just under two months to start trialing with researchers around the world.

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