Accelerate the Development and Deployment of New Solutions

Creating The
Future of Care

Thoughtful and intelligently crafted digital solutions have the potential to spark the greatest advances in both the administration and delivery of care, streamlining processes, diagnoses, and treatments—ultimately contributing to better healthcare systems.

We’ve been leaders in software design and development for complex environments like aviation, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare in addition to consumer apps for over 20 years. We know where the technology has been, and that gives us insight into where it’s going and what it’s capable of.

Value Driven

We work to understand what value represents to you, and how we can deliver solutions that drive your business forward. Our technical team is here to advise on which technologies to leverage, share regulatory best practices, and develop your software solution based on experience creating hundreds of web, mobile, cloud and embedded device solutions.

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Digital Therapeutics Solutions

Create cloud-based, customizable chronic care management solutions leveraging mobile, voice, and machine learning technologies.

Data Engineering and Data Science

Integrate, test and validate complex data sources and hypotheses to deliver predictive, actionable insights to clinicians and patients alike.

Digital and Connected Health Experiences

Build out your digital strategy through omnichannel mobile and voice experiences that engage and facilitate treatment adherence and cost reduction.

Interoperability and Integration

Ensure your product integrates and interoperates with provider backend EHR systems.

Regulatory Compliance

From HIPAA to FDA, Meaningful Use, and more, we can design, develop and test your solutions to ensure they meet regulatory requirements.

Data Privacy and Security

Design a comprehensive approach to addressing protected health information (PHI) privacy, security challenges, and regulations.

Accelerated Development

Build on Macadamian's IP based connected health accelerators to speed product creation from prototype and proof of concept through to commercialization.

We Can Help You Create Solutions That


Create solutions that help patients take an active role in their care.

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Accelerate the development and deployment of new solutions.

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Test disruptive solutions & drive organizational change.

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