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Technology has a critical role to play in connecting the circle of care and empowering patients to take an active role in managing their health. Ultimately, leading to improved outcomes and reduced costs associated with care delivery.

From digital therapeutics to connected health solutions, Macadamian has deep expertise in delivering solutions that combine the latest technologies, the needs of the patient, and the business goals of our clients.

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Throughout the product development process, we rely on an array of finely tuned user-centered design techniques to help you create solutions that are truly informed and inspired by your users and their needs.

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Digital Therapeutics Solutions

Create cloud-based, customizable chronic care management solutions leveraging mobile, voice, and machine learning technologies.

Behavior Design & Development

Leverage behavior design strategies to craft solutions that engage patients and elicit actions that lead to improved health outcomes.

Connected Health Solutions

Map out the optimal sensor technology, hardware architecture, mobile app and cloud service elements for your custom solution.

Optimize Clinical Workflows

Design and optimize solutions which seamlessly integrate into everyday clinical and patient workflows removing friction points to improved health outcomes.

Regulatory Compliance

From HIPAA to FDA, Meaningful Use, and more, we can design, develop and test your solutions to meet regulatory requirements.

Data Privacy and Security

Design a comprehensive approach to addressing protected health information (PHI) privacy, security concerns, and regulations.

We Can Help You Create Solutions That


Create solutions that help patients take an active role in their care.

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Accelerate the development and deployment of new solutions.

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Test disruptive solutions & drive organizational change.

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