Healthcare Software Development

Design-Led Product Engineering

Create the Future of Healthcare

If you’re like us, you’re inspired by the potential of digital and connected health technologies to transform patient outcomes – and the global healthcare system.

Macadamian is a design-led solution creation partner to help you navigate product development from napkin sketch to market-ready.

We enable you to deliver innovative, user-focused products that can impact lives across the continuum of care.

Product Strategy

We believe in diversity, the more great minds at the table, the faster we’ll find our way to meaningful and compelling solutions.

We work alongside your team to assess your current solutions and technologies as we align on a path forward for your product.

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UX Research
& Design

Digital solutions should assist, not impede. That’s why we aim to create inclusive solutions that usher out what feels artificial and usher in what feels intuitive and effortless.

Our User Experience team leaves their ego at the door, taking a user-focused approach to understanding needs and designing engaging solutions.

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Software Development

Experience is indispensable in any business and we’ve been leaders in digital technology for 20 years helping clients ranging from big consumer brands to complex enterprise environments.

Our global team of developers is equipped to handle any challenge, big or small, from leveraging the latest technologies to dealing with complex regulatory requirements, resulting in solutions that will impact the lives of those most in need.

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Trusted By Healthcare Industry Leaders

Macadamian is Verified HIPAA Compliant

We take protecting sensitive health information as seriously as our clients.

Learn more about the Compliancy Group HIPAA Seal of Compliance.

Compliance Verification

We Can Help You Create Solutions That


Create solutions that help patients take an active role in their care.

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Accelerate the development and deployment of new solutions.

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Test disruptive solutions & drive organizational change.

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