“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”
— Benjamin Franklin

Macadamian Workshops

Inspire. Educate. Empower.

Macadamian cares about your success. We work with you in the trenches to expand your internal capabilities by bringing knowledge, creativity and expertise to your door. Our passionate experts guide your team from ideation through to market validation leveraging a range of tools and roadmaps to get you started right and keep on course. Together we will uncover what makes your users tick, providing insight on delivering products that your customers will love.

Workshop Portfolio

1. Innovate


Where do market differentiated product ideas come from? Which technology and mobile platform to bet on? Macadamian serves as your guide from ideation, through to alignment and setting development direction by clarifying the product, the problems solved; and the technical and financial goals.

2. Plan


Transform concepts into engineering specifications, prototypes, in addition to undertaking a sanity check to determine if intended users understand, need or want your product. Macadamian empowers your team with the knowledge and tools to ensure the development of an easy to use product that your customers will love using.

3. Build

Product development in a distributed team environment can be challenging. How does one ensure that remote collaboration is both efficient and effective? Learn project management techniques to structure and ensure the effectiveness of distributed teams and tools. Explore what it means to be agile while meeting regulatory compliance requirements, integrating UX research, design and testing, and tools for measuring the benefits of agile.

4. Validate


Following the initial release of the product, investigate product performance – how end users are using the product? Are they making use of all functionality? Uncover in-market product issues as well as potential areas for enhancements.


Our workshops are tailored to your needs and can be done in various formats.

  • One-day exercises + report
  • Two-day presentation + exercises + report


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Anyone who is part of the product development lifecycle such as product managers and marketers, UX designers and software developers.

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