User Interface Design for Worksoft Analyze

Simplifying The User Interface for Business Process Discovery

Project details

Worksoft Inc. of Addison, Texas provides software that takes most of the time and cost – and the guesswork – out of designing and maintaining complex integrated systems. For years, their flagship product, Certify®, has helped Global 5000 companies verify business processes from end-to-end across all their enterprise applications, both on-premise and in the cloud. Companies as diverse as Kraft, Monsanto and Conoco Phillips use Certify to save significant time and money testing, documenting and validating their business processes. Even customers with a complex, globally distributed network of systems can validate 60-70% of their business processes in fewer than 90 days.

Certify has been a hit with customers for years, but Worksoft wanted to take the art of integrated workflow management to new heights by automating process discovery with Worksoft Analyze. While Worksoft has the development skills to build powerful software, they needed help with a user interface design that had the right fit and finish for a broader user audience. They started a conversation with Macadamian about their needs, and the more they talked, the more they liked what they heard. “Macadamian did not try the hard sell on us,” recalls Dugger. “They let their expertise speak for itself.” Worksoft was particularly impressed by the Macadamian design team’s ability to listen and learn. “All the technical skill in the world is moot if you’re tone deaf to your customers’ needs,” observes Dugger, “Macadamian quickly absorbed a huge body of prerequisite knowledge, and it shows in the finished user interface they developed for us.”

Worksoft and Macadamian got started on the project in December of 2014. By May of the next year, they had working software to show at SAP’s Sapphire Now event. Our robust client engagement methodology was central to meeting such a tight deadline. We started with an onsite discovery workshop to identify Worksoft’s needs. We then maintained regular milestones, open and proactive communications and frequent review cycles. Dugger recalls how impressive the pace and quality of our involvement was; “They did excellent work fast, which kept project risk under control.” One of our biggest contributions to Analyze was a new visual language to allow for the elegance and simplicity Worksoft was looking for, and the reception based on that work has been excellent. Analyze is like no other product on the market and raises the bar for the whole industry. It is faster, cheaper and more accurate than manual analysis and perfectly complements the value proposition of Certify.

Worksoft Analyze UI
Worksoft Analyze UI Design Mockup

The project was so successful that Macadamian has been hired to implement the same visual language developed for Analyze in other products, such as Certify Execution Manager, which now sports modern graphical elements such as heat maps to convey critical real-time information like process failures. With this groundwork as a solid basis, Worksoft can continue to modernize and expand the markets for their products as opportunities emerge.

Big, strategic moves are risky business; they can consume so many resources that bread-and-butter revenue streams suffer. Some businesses stumble, but Worksoft has successfully made that transition with Analyze.


Case Study PDF: Worksoft Analyze

"Macadamian gave us the elegance and refinement we were looking for. They helped us meet our goal of transforming who we sell to and how we help our customers be successful."
Jim Dugger, Director of Product Management


  • Scott Plewes
    VP of User Experience Design