CPOE Usability Testing – TELUS Health

Computerized Physician Order Entry software gets end user usability testing before release

Project details

A typical hospital runs on “orders.” Requests for tests, sample collection, vital sign checks, IVs, treatment plans, and more all happen as a result of an order being given and a clinician workflow being generated. The Oacis CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry) software from TELUS Health enables electronic ordering, generates worklists for each member of the healthcare team, and alerts clinicians about potential duplicate orders and treatment conflicts.

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The TELUS Health Solutions user centered design (UCD) team led the design of new functionality in Oacis computerized provider order entry (CPOE). Through a heuristic evaluation, a number of risk areas in the design were identified. Telus Health approached Macadamian for an unbiased evaluation through usability testing.

Ensuring Usability

The Macadamian healthcare team worked with TELUS Health to connect with doctors and nurses to conduct usability tests on a beta version of the software. After aggregating the usability test results, Macadamian provided a set of recommendations for both short-term and long-term changes to improve the workflow and overall user experience of the system.

By offering a direct and objective channel for obtaining end-user feedback, Macadamian provided TELUS Health with a wealth of user information that will inform the future development of the product and ensure that it is well received by hospital users.

“We were impressed by Macadamian’s depth of domain knowledge, and how quickly they came up to speed on our product,” said Suzanne Rochford, Director, User Centered Design at TELUS Health. “Getting real-world feedback from our users is invaluable as we develop the next version of Oacis.”

“After working on Oacis for so many years, it was refreshing for our developers to hear first-hand that many of their assumptions about the Oacis User Interface aren’t necessarily obvious to the users out in the field.” Brian Beaton, HMI Prime Team Lead at TELUS Health.”


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