Sump Pump Monitoring IoT Platform for Liberty Pumps

Sump Pump Alarm Gets Mobile IoT Alert System

Project details

Liberty Pumps is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial wastewater systems. Seeing that their competitors’ monitoring and alerting add-ons for problems like high-water and power failures were difficult to use and came with expensive subscription fees, they wanted to build a modern IoT alternative.

Liberty Pumps engaged us and our partners at Electric Imp, the providers of the secure, cloud-connected hardware platform used in many modern connected devices, for an elegant solution that communicates with users via the cloud and a modern mobile app. With our depth of experience in user experience, mobility and cloud connectivity, we worked with Electric Imp to built a complete solutions platform they can add to in the future.

Not only does Liberty Pumps now provide a better user experience than their competitors, the monitoring data they collect in the cloud allows a whole new depth of business analytics and planning.

Liberty Pumps NightEye Mobile App
Liberty Pumps NightEye Mobile App
Liberty Pumps NightEye Mobile App

Liberty Pumps NightEye Alarm

“Coordinating unrelated vendors always adds risk to a project. The end-to-end turnkey solution they offered was unique and gave us a lot of confidence that the project would succeed.”
David Williams, Engineering Manager, Liberty Pumps


  • Timon LeDain
    Director of IoT