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EMS Scheduling App Gets Usability Testing and User Experience Design

Project details

An HTML5-based solution

QHR Technologies, a healthcare technology provider who creates and delivers applications for use in clinical and hospital environments, was looking to Macadamian for help to create a new Enterprise Management Solutions (EMS) scheduling application for clinical use. It focused on a highly usable analytics-driven workflow, social collaboration, and elegant design – all based on modern HTML5 Web technology.

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The first step was to create a prototype of the product’s self-service scheduling module. This would align their executive stakeholders, help fuel excitement with customers, and flush out any major usability and technical challenges.

The self-service module was an excellent choice to demonstrate the power of an updated UX design and refreshed software technology because of the complexity of the various data elements involving union rules, budget issues, and statutory limits on how much a healthcare employee can work.

Beginning with user experience (UX) design

Macadamian’s healthcare User Experience Design teams stepped in to formalize and develop detailed end user personas and usage scenarios. These were used to inform the design of workflows which reflect the work environment. To accomplish the client’s goals, Macadamian conducted a series of user experience design workshops, stakeholder interviews, and usability testing which resulted in:

  • User requirements assessment, user validation, workflow analysis, wireframes of new workflow processes, and visual design
  • Identification and development of three different healthcare personas and associated usage scenarios to leverage throughout the design process and to be used for product enhancements
  • High-level concept design to improve scheduling processes


After a few weeks, the concept designs were tested and accepted and it was time to create the working prototype. QHR had a team of developers that knew and understood their product, but they were new to front-end Web technologies and agile software development integrated with UX design. Macadamian provided a senior software development coach that worked with their team to:


  • Establish an integrated agile development process based on two-week sprints
  • Integrate Macadamian’s UX designer into the agile development process
  • Coach their team on front-end Web development
  • Develop some of the major elements of the Web prototype


By the end of the engagement, QHR’s team had the design and development prototype they needed, a style guide, and training they needed to take on this major new product initiative.


  • Didier Thizy
    VP of Sales