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Avoiding Costly Recertification with IoT Connectivity Solution

Project details

A world leader in office solutions had innovated the analog technology that allows hundreds of thousands of postage meters to top up funds remotely. But strict certification requirements around the world meant that updating meters for increasingly common digital phone lines would have been prohibitive.

Macadamian solved this in a novel way. We developed a state of the art browser-based app for office use on desktops and laptops. It connects to a meter via a plug-in Internet of Things device, which intercepts analog communications, converting them to digital protocols that are rerouted via the Cloud. Postal Meter users, many of whom are not tech-savvy, can provision the device simply by holding it up to a rectangular area of the browser app window, which transmits data by modulating light. The underlying hardware technology was designed for provisioning from a smartphone, and our depth of client software and user experience (UX) design was critical to overcoming some very complex technical challenges integrating it with a desktop browser-based application.

Provisioning the device is so simple that even tech-averse users can have it up and running in a couple of minutes. Our client was impressed, and they’ve decided to expand the device into a full digital services solution that can perform preventative diagnostics, reorder ink, provide usage reports and, of course, purchase postage. They’ve turned the device concept into an IoT platform they can extend into new revenue generating services.

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"We would have had to recertify all over the world, and that’s a lengthy, expensive process we wanted to avoid."
- Chief Innovation Officer


  • Timon LeDain
    Director of IoT