BB10 Mobile App Development – Maxim

Bringing Maxim’s Video Streaming App to BlackBerry 10

Project details

Maxim chose Macadamian to deliver maximum impact with Maxim’s first video-rich mobile app for BlackBerry® 10 smartphones.

Maxim had previously developed a streaming media application for the Xbox and was looking to extend their online presence to the BlackBerry 10 platform devices. User experience and time-to-market were top of mind concerns for Maxim.


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Based on Macadamian’s mobile app development expertise on the BlackBerry 10 platform, Maxim approached Macadamian to build a BB10 version of their streaming media application. Macadamian’s roster of BlackBerry development experts delivered an impressive array of functionality including streaming media (video) support, advertising integration, Push Notification, BBM integration, and content navigation. The team went on to design and implement enhanced Hometown Hotties functionality which included geolocation support, filters, profiles, voting, and BBM messaging integration.

Macadamian delivered such an outstanding design and user experience on the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 versions of the Maxim app that Maxim earned the coveted ‘Built for BlackBerry’ status and an impressive 41/2-out-of-5-stars rating on the BlackBerry World™ storefront.


  • Dinesh Kandanchatha
    VP of Consulting Services