IoT Solution Development – Fantasy Scoreboards Inc.

IoT Solutions for Building a Connected Scoreboard

Project details

The Start of a Journey

While the “industry” of connected products is still in its infancy, the infrastructure around it is growing rapidly.

Fantasy Scoreboards understood the realities of the current IoT (Internet of Things) ecosystem. They realized that to make their IoT project successful, they needed to work with companies that understood the overall project initiative, and that worked together towards the same objectives.

For the software design and development, they turned to Macadamian. Initially, Macadamian was engaged to help with project leadership and guidance, and provide high-level business direction. From there, Macadamian took over the entire technical program management and oversaw all third party partners/vendors for the cloud and end user software design and development work.

To obtain a new focus on hardware and manufacturing, Fantasy Scoreboards worked with Design 1st. They assisted with conducting a business assessment and analyses of electronics, manufacturing the embedded firmware, and determined the product look, lighting, and housing design. Design 1st also had an initial focus on the necessary strategy for low-cost Wi-Fi radio options and information transfer to and from the cloud. The overall industrial design direction was maintained, but all parts and manufacturing strategies needed to be completely overhauled to cut down on costs.

Back on Track

Macadamian and Design 1st worked closely during the overall (software and hardware) assessment of the previous prototype that Fantasy Scoreboards had built, and also throughout the whole connected product creation process.

It was clearly identified that the success of this product meant completely starting from the ground up without losing the momentum that Fantasy Scoreboards had developed as part of its go-to-market activities. The timelines were tight. Macadamian and Design 1st only had five months to complete the user experience design and software development (cloud- ready) on a completely redesigned portable scoreboard that was ready to ship to market. To put it into perspective, an aggressive timeline to complete a project of this complexity would have easily extended to eight months or more. However, Macadamian and Design 1st understood the significance of this endeavor for Fantasy Scoreboards and were able to meet the aggressive timelines.

From Design to Production – A Lockstep Partnership

Macadamian and Design 1st considered the design for the entire customer journey. They focused on a holistic approach of designing, looking at use patterns on how a customer interacts with the product (and vice versa). The partners dove into each software and hardware interaction to build a design from the perspective of the end user.

A solid project plan was created from there.

Both teams worked in lockstep to create this completely new product from the ground up. Macadamian moved the product to a “pub nub” model, enabling data to be sent to all scoreboards based on events. This allowed event data to be delivered faster, as well as reducing the cost of operations. A Python-based VM was used to consume the content from GameData, LLC and ensured a reusable approach for future data ingestions and future game logic. Microsoft Azure was selected for the game data ingestion and delivery server. Macadamian also provisioned, setup, and configured all software production and pre-production environments to enable the connected scoreboards to be sold to customers by launch date.

The Results

Through the close partnerships with Macadamian and Design 1st, Fantasy Scoreboards did not lose time, in spite of their initial product creation setbacks. With prototyping and production development happening virtually all at once, Fantasy Scoreboards was able to progress from design to a market-ready product in only a few months.

With the launch of their connected (IoT) NHL scoreboards, Fantasy Scoreboards has truly differentiated themselves in the marketplace. Customers receive an NHL game-like, real-time score experience at home. And, satisfaction is high with a fast out-of-the-box setup time and convenient ongoing scoreboard management using a choice of iOS or Android apps.

“Working with both Macadamian and Design 1st was really a seamless experience. They manage themselves, effectively connect their teams as needed, and deliver results – on time and on budget.”
Will Nault, CEO of Fantasy Scoreboards Inc.


  • Timon LeDain
    Director of IoT