Electronic Health Records Software – InfoCare

Increasing Patient Engagement and User Adoption with UI Design

Project details


Infocare, an Electronic Health Records solution provider, received customer feedback that the usability in their current EHR solution set was limiting further user adoption in the healthcare market. The company was looking to integrate a user interface design strategy into their product development process to increase user adoption and patient engagement.


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The company found it difficult to balance their strong business and technology expertise with user experience expertise. They came to the realization that just because a user asks for it or says they want it, doesn’t mean that’s what they need. That’s when InfoCare turned to Macadamian to develop a user interface design that would engage users and bring them the features they needed most.


Macadamian first provided clarity on design strategy elements in terms of what needed to be known up front, what could be worked out along the way, and how design and research would work within an agile development process.

Macadamian and Infocare then identified a release strategy to meet their users’ needs and the company’s requirement for time-to-market, while allowing for the integration of feedback cycles and built-in iteration in the product development lifecycle.

Infocare had a wealth of technological thinking behind them. Macadamian brought the user thinking to the table.


  • Didier Thizy
    VP of Sales