Android Mobile App Development – Flextronics Imerj

Developing Android Mobile Apps for a Disruptive Device

Project details

Flextronics Imerj had come up with a disruptive concept for a mobile device that when flipped open, turned in to a smart tablet that fit in to the palm of a hand with two screens forming a one 6-inch slate. The company turned to Macadamian to provide usability research, interaction design, and Android mobile application development expertise.


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Crafting a dual-pane user experience

Given the unique nature of the product, the Macdamian interaction design team rose to the challenge to develop user interface customizations to fit the unique display system of the device. Further, the team tackled app stretching to expand apps from single-pane phone mode to dual-pane tablet mode; in addition to designing and developing a suite of everyday essential applications crafted for an exceptional dual-pane experience.


As a part of the application suite design, Macadamian developed the Calendar and Messaging applications with particular attention paid to the appearance of the apps when the phone is docked into the tablet. The team designed some of the fundamental interaction design (IxD) behaviors for the entire application suite on the phone would behave in the transition from being viewed on the phone to being viewed on the tablet when the phone is docked and while an application is running.


  • Graham Brown
    VP of Delivery