Bringing The Cyandia.Me Experience to Windows 8 Tablets – Cyandia.Me

Introducing Social Media to the TV

Project details

Cyandia.Me is an interactive TV-companion app designed to enhance the TV-viewing experience by providing program information and allowing its users to engage in active, “private” conversations about the shows being watched in real time, in addition to viewing in real time what others have to say about a given episode with social media feed integration.


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Designing a social experience

Cyandia had an iPad version of the Cyandia.Me app and was looking to expand market share by launching a Windows 8 compliant version of their tablet application that followed Microsoft usability standards.

Based on in-depth user experience research, Macadamian took a holistic approach to improving the user experience by prioritizing key user engagement features such as notification system and engaging content like trailers. Macadamian focused in on the functionality would make the mobile app engaging and increase usage.

Enhanced software usability

During the software design and development walkthroughs, the team noticed that Cyandia was not making use of global navigation. As a result, Windows 8 features such as the ability for the user to access key sections such as home, events, favorites, guide, and recommendations were added.

A seamless Windows 8 UI design

A key issue that the Macadamian software development team addressed was how to best integrate and implement social feeds within the Windows 8 UI functionality. To integrate social features in to the app, the feature set was broken down by passive and active social behaviors. This aided in making decisions around advertising placement, information architecture, and the overall in-app user flow experience.

Macadamian enhanced Cyandia’s social media integration by proposing elements they could build into the next release, such as twitter and additional social content, video chat, and notifications. Additionally, we evaluated and made recommendations on how to incorporate ads seamlessly into the app.

"You made some great design decisions for us. It has been very helpful. It's good to get a second set of eyes on this."
Mike Wetzer, CEO at Cyandia


  • Dinesh Kandanchatha
    VP of Consulting Services