Mobile Application Design – Cardinal Health

Innovative mHealth application gets a user-centric design

Project details

Every day, nurses are called upon to collect and verify handwritten and verbal patient information. Simplifying the capturing of medication administration, lab orders, charting, and other patient related data is crucial to avoid errors. When the software development team at Cardinal Health came up with the prototype for an innovative mobile patient information system, they wanted to ensure that their new touch screen patient monitor was as easy to use as possible.

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Cardinal Health had a lot at stake: time to market, resources, customer loyalty, quality of patient care. Their patient information system had the potential to replace paper-based charting by providing patient status and historical data to support diagnostic decisions without overwhelming nursing staff with information they didn’t need.

Cardinal Health called upon Macadamian to conduct an in-depth evaluation of their prototype’s user interface (UI) design prior to launching their mobile healthcare application. Based on Macadamian’s UI design recommendations, Cardinal’s development team was able to produce a simpler, easier to understand touch screen user interface that enabled nurses working under stressful circumstances to access the information they need at a glance. Macadamian identified the features and design elements that caused confusion, such as information that needed to be reorganized for clarity on the screen, or when critical information needed to be displayed in a larger font for easier readability.

Armed with Macadamian’s innovative user-centric approach to UI design, Cardinal launched a market-leading mHealth tool before mobile devices and touch screens were even a consideration in hospitals.


  • Didier Thizy
    VP of Sales