“‘Intuitive’ interfaces are easier to build when designers have a deep understanding of the users”
— Jared M. Spool

User Experience Reports

For over a decade, Macadamian has been conducting user experience research and assessments to help our clients better understand the experience users have or want to have with a particular product. Gaining a solid understanding of how a product stacks up against the competition in terms of what the products do, how they do it, what works well, and what does not from an end user perspective is a complex undertaking. We provide unbiased, comparative user experience research and design evaluations on relative product strengths and weaknesses. Reports based on these evaluations provide concrete recommendations for product improvements.

Comparative Evaluation

Comparative usability test reports provide an evaluation of how well users are able to complete defined tasks across a set of competing products to determine which aspects of a product perform better than others and which product outperforms the other products.

Summative Testing

Macadamian undertakes benchmarking and summative evaluations to help clients establish a baseline for a specific product’s performance in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. Summative testing helps to determine whether requirements have been met; and enables a comparative evaluation against a competing product, interaction technique, or earlier version.

Summative Testing Clients


Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic evaluations help identify usability problems in a product’s user interface (UI) design. It involves an examination of the UI and judges its compliance with recognized usability principles. To guide our evaluations, Macadamian uses standardized usability checklists, best practices, experimental findings and our own experience designing, testing and assessing software.

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Industry Research

Macadamian offers industry-specific user experience research- and design-related insight reports based on rigorous research methodologies and evaluation tools. These reports provide strategic insights and analysis of industries and are extensive, objective and based on the very latest content.

Industry Standard Usability Testing & Reporting

Macadamian’s usability test reports follow the same standard used for EHR Meaningful Use certification which are submitted to the American Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).  The reports are based on ISO/ IEC 25062:2006 Common Industry Format for Usability Test Reports to communicate the methodology, results and discussion of usability tests.

In addition to the collection of user experience metrics, such as the number of observed errors, success rates, and path deviations, Macadamian also employs the System Usability Scale to measure perceptions of usability. SUS is a technology- and platform-independent industry standard questionnaire used to evaluate hardware, software, and websites. SUS provides a clear, definite score for the usability and user satisfaction of a product in order to know exactly how well the product is doing compared relative to market competitors.

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