“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
— Alan Kay

Macadamian Innovation Lab

We want to make your day-to-day life better. OK. We can’t do anything about your boss, but we can explore use of mobile technology in new ways that will definitely help.

Here in the Macadamian Innovation Lab, our focus is on the needs of Small and Medium businesses, and we are also developing concepts for verticals like Health Care.

What drives us? Simple: Mobile-first solution innovation, The Cloud.

We’ve even developed our own mobile-first framework to help build new apps and be the foundation for your custom app design and development projects.

Tech Speak

What? We’re allowed to talk tech in the Lab.

Our framework provides:

  • Support for Web, iOS, Android, WP8, BB10
  • Cloud-hosted or deployed onsite
  • Mobile Web services, localization, multi-tenanting
  • Role-based access control, HTTPS encryption, and authentication with Google apps, Office 365, local, Exchange coming soon
  • Installed apps using Cordova and in-app push notifications using WebSockets
  • Use of technologies like QR Codes, NFC, Geofencing

Whew. That was fun. Right?

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