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UX Strategies for Increasing Patient Engagement in Healthcare 

Patient Engagement in Healthcare

In healthcare, patient engagement is the new Holy Grail. It is in the process of being legislated and will be tracked and measured along with other metrics in the industry. Despite all this activity, patient engagement remains at an all-time low. Why?

Lorraine Chapman, Chair of the HIMSS HIT User Experience Committee, and Barb Spanton, Macadamian Lead Interaction Designer share their insights and experience in applying a patient-centered user experience (UX) strategy to this specific piece of the health IT puzzle.

In this webinar you will learn strategies for:

  • Leveraging a patient’s emotional, cognitive and behavioural needs
  • Presenting patients with complex health data in familiar ways
  • Utilizing industry trends that are impacting engagement and design

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  • Barbara Spanton
    Principal Designer
  • Lorraine Chapman
    Senior Director, Healthcare