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The Internet of Things Meets Connected Sensors, Reactive Experiences, and the Enterprise 


Sensors are cheap.  Bandwidth and wireless connectivity are nearly ubiquitous.  These factors are perpetuating the user’s expectations that their devices monitor, stay connected, and offer reactive experiences as they interact with them.

With today’s big data push, it’s all about making sense of the “chaos” of data being gathered – with decisions being made days or weeks later. To stay relevant to user expectations, B2C and B2B ISVs must empower devices to be smart enough to react in real-time and adapt a user’s experience as they move about their day. To do this, companies need to go beyond just their solution or platform and explore moving towards intelligent reactive experiences.

Access the whitepaper below for a discussion on designing and building experiences that connect smart devices.

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  • Geoffrey Parker
    Director, Healthcare Software Development
  • Meaghan Reinecke
    UX Solutions Architect