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Tackling Cybersecurity of Connected Medical Devices 

Connected medical devices are becoming the new industry standard and are migrating out of hospitals into less secure environments. At the same time, many of these devices still rely on legacy software at their core, potentially exposing them to an array of security threats. The challenge of securing these devices has now come to the forefront of many a CISO’s agenda.

Join Healthcare Software Development and CyberSecurity experts Geoff Parker and Justin Gratto as they walk through a set of best practices in how to start addressing the security vulnerabilities associated with connected medical devices.

You will walk away with:

  • How to design in security and privacy requirements around connected and legacy medical devices
  • How to manage and maintain the security of your network of connected devices over time
  • A pre-audit evaluation checklist to conduct a self-assessment

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  • Geoffrey Parker
    Director, Healthcare Software Development