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How Patient Journey Maps Improve Healthcare Apps 

Improve Healthcare Apps with Patient Journey Maps

In 2012 about 250 million mobile phone users downloaded health apps and in 2014 the number of mHealth apps used worldwide rose to over 40,000. At the same time, the proportion of clinicians using mobile technology to collect data at the bedside rose to 45%, up 15 points from 2011. It’s clear there’s a big opportunity to create compelling healthcare software applications and a patient journey map can help.

Patient journey maps help organizations understand the customers’ experience at each step along the way of their journey from the very beginning to the very end. They are a holistic and graphical overview of the various touch points a person has throughout their experience as a patient.

Tune into this episode of the Unsalted Podcast to get an overview of the five components of patient journey maps.

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Patient journey maps should be formed by conducting research like ethnographic research, for example. Essentially, in conducting the research you want to inform yourself of the five components of this work system because they interact with each other and they influence each other.

5 Components of a Patient Journey Map:

  • Create or choose your maps persona (ex. patient)
  • The tasks your persona performs along their journey
  • The tools or technology your persona is using (ex. Electronic Health Record software)
  • Physical Environment (ex. noise and distractions from other Patients)
  • Organizational Conditions (ex. work schedules or hospital standards)

One thing that is quite unique about patient experience maps is given that the majority of patients, or simply by the definition of being a patient, they are in a state of crisis of some sort. They have had some kind of a health event and typically if you end up as a patient it is because it was a bad health event. Because of this, they are in an emotional state that really needs to be considered in all of these areas of designing and developing an application.

Download a sample pack of three patient journey maps below to see several ways of illustrating your patients journey. Creating maps like this can yield insights that will help improve the user experience of your health apps.


Sample Patient Journey Maps


For more on patient journey maps including a step-by-step guide to creating your own, check out Healthcare Customer Journey Mapping from our Guide to Healthcare Software Development

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