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A UX Maturity Model for Introducing User Experience into the Corporate Culture 

5 Stages of UX Maturity

A User Experience (UX) Maturity Model

Great software products rarely happen by accident, even when it looks effortless. They are a result of an intentional UX design process that is grounded in aesthetics, functionality and usability. Most product managers understand this, and would like their development teams to be more design savvy, but are not sure where to start or how to effect real lasting change.

In this white paper we introduce a UX maturity model to help you identify where your company is strong or weak in design, strategies to deliver great design, and the associated business value of integrating UX into the corporate culture.

Each of the five stages outline:

  • Implications of being a company at that stage
  • Characteristics of a company at that stage
  • What it takes to move your company to the next level of UX maturity

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  • Scott Plewes
    VP of User Experience Design
  • Lorraine Chapman
    Senior Director, Healthcare