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Increasing Patient Engagement Using Behavior Design 

Increasing Patient Engagement Using Behavior Design

Today’s healthcare practitioners, administrators, and digital healthcare vendors all seem to have initiatives aimed at providing engagement platforms to their patient populations. Having patients being actively involved in managing their health not only encourages an improvement in the health of the general population, but can also reduce the number of patients admitted into hospitals, or the number of doctor’s appointments made, allowing more resources to be allocated to patients who need it most.

All this being said, increasing patient engagement is easier said than done. So how do we facilitate patient engagement so that we can reap its benefits?

In this white paper, Sr. Director of Healthcare, Lorraine Chapman, describes how thoroughly understanding the behavior of health consumers can allow stakeholders to increase patient engagement.

In this white paper you’ll learn:

  • What patient engagement is and why it’s important.
  • What the Hierarchy of Health model is and to how it can be used to increase patient engagement.
  • Use cases of the Hierarchy of Health model.

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  • Lorraine Chapman
    Senior Director, Healthcare