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Designing User Experiences for Complex Domains 


Software design can influence the outcome of life or death situations – keeping planes from crashing (aviation software), people from dying (healthcare software), and preventing general workplace chaos (enterprise software). Building software applications for these complex domains is fundamentally different than your everyday consumer app.

With legislation requirements, multiple stakeholders, large amounts of data, and a highly specialized workforce, software applications for complex spaces encounter highly-integrated ecosystems with complex workflows – with no room for error. Consequently, organizations are at risk of losing sight of valuable user experiences.

Macadamian’s Scott Plewes, VP of User Experience Design, and Lorraine Chapman, Director of Healthcare User Experience, will discuss creating scalable customer experiences and best practices for introducing UX into complex spaces. This webinar covers:

  • Successful research and design approaches for complex domains
  • Considerations when working with large integrated projects or teams
  • The most effective way to integrate UX processes into existing development processes

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  • Scott Plewes
    VP of User Experience Design
  • Lorraine Chapman
    Senior Director, Healthcare