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Six Oversights to Consider Before Creating an IoT Product 

Considerations before creating an IoT Product

Creating an Internet of Things product (meaning, an internet-connected product or smart device) can make a significant impact to your business and provide insights into your customers like you’ve never had before. How? Why? The answers to these questions are contextual to the device and the problem it solves – either for you, the product manufacturer or your end customer.

In Six Considerations Before Creating an IoT Product, we highlight common oversights that companies make that can hamper your products overall user experience and ultimately market success.

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate your IT teams IoT readiness
  • How to choose the right radio for your product
  • Designing for both software and hardware
  • Collecting and Protecting Data
  • IoTs implications on traditional tech support practices

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  • Geoffrey Parker
    Director, Healthcare Software Development